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vintageBambi - Your Sewing and Design Studio from Stuttgart, Germany

Hey, I'm Katharina, the founder of vintageBambi. I'm a trained seamstress, a state-certified fashion designer, and I hold a Bachelor in Textile Engineering from Reutlingen university. Fashion and textiles have always been my passion!

I love fashion, fashion design, and sewing, but sustainability is just as important to me. I often found it difficult to find sustainable yet stylish clothing that supports my personal style. That's why I founded vintageBambi – an eco-friendly brand that combines style, individuality, and sustainability.

At vintageBambi, you'll find handcrafted unique pieces made from secondhand materials and exclusive digital sewing patterns for you to create your own unique garments. Many of our patterns include tips on how to sew them from your old clothes – perfect for more upcycling and sustainability.

Our vintageBambi sewing patterns focus on individuality and versatility. Each pattern is available in multiple sizes and includes an extra page with guidance on how to perfectly adjust it to your body. Additionally, each pattern comes with a detailed video tutorial that guides you step-by-step through the sewing process.

Many of our patterns are ideal for upcycling projects, allowing you to use old clothes to create something new and unique. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sewer, the instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the video tutorials offer additional support. Join our growing community and share your creations on social media – we love seeing what you make with our patterns!

In the vintageBambi Handmade Collection, reuse and waste reduction are at the forefront. For our handcrafted garments, we use only second-hand materials, meaning each product is a unique piece or available in limited editions. Alongside our own creations, we also offer beautiful vintage and second-hand clothing, lovingly selected and carefully refurbished.

We all know the damage caused by the fast fashion industry. Almost 20% of the world's wastewater is produced by the fashion industry, and a single pair of jeans requires 8000 liters of water to make – that's crazy! In Germany alone, over 390,000 tons of textile waste are generated annually. A large portion of this waste is either burned or shipped abroad, harming local businesses there. For these and many other reasons, we strive to save as much clothing as possible and pass it on to new owners who will appreciate it.

Welcome to vintageBambi, we're glad you're here!
💖 Katharina