Can I get a plus size/ super small size / custom order on a specific item?

Yes! If you don't see your size often enough in my shop, feel free to write me for a custom order.

As I am only one person who sews everything it is always hard for me to pre-make all sizes in the same ammount. But, and thats very important for me, I want include everyone so my customs are open for you! Just e-mail me or DM me on Insta.

I only take a few customs per month and I like to leave those slots open for people who want a specific size or adjustment.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide but due to corona there might be some delays.
Also we ship with the "go green" method to ship your item climate friendly!

How long does the shipping normally take?

After you placed your order it takes up to 5 days to send your packges and then 2-5 days (international 5-10 days) to arrive. There may be delays due to COVID.

When will XY be back in stock?

As a brand, our goal is to reduce waste from the fast fashion industry which is why we only use second-hand/ pre-loved garments, meaning there is no definit that an item will be back. In case we find something simliar on the secondhand market we will alwasy try to bring the most loved styles back!

I saw XY on your Instagram but I can't find it on your site?

Items posted on instagram might be sold out or not released yet. DM me for more information.  

Can I pre-order?

No, due to high demand we unfortunately do not offer pre-order slots so that everyone has the same fair chance.

"I don't know if the corset will fit me"?

We make our corset pattern ourself but the sizes are based on an european size chart. To be sure if a corset would fit before purchase, please refer to our fitting guide in our instagram highlights, click here!

Where do you source your garments?

All our items are handpicked from local second-hand stores in Germany.